The End of the Hungry Tiger

I was just reading Jack Bogdanski’s post about the upcoming demise of the Hungry Tiger, which reminded me that I’ve been meaning to do a little writing on it here. In 2004, I participated in one of Red76’s Laundry Lectures, and did it next door to the Hungry Tiger at the F & I U Wash. It was the first of a handful of site-based history lectures I’ve given, and I own a copy of the lecture on DVD (although I’ve never been brave enough to actually pop it in and watch it). I’ll miss the Tiger, and that building itself, the decrepit monstrosity that it had become. 

I’ve been going through and organizing a lot of old notes at my new apartment. Later this week, I’ll try to find my 28th & Burnside notes and post my own proper eulogy to that property.